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  • Adult Entertainers WorldWide
    Updated On: Feb 13, 2019



    If you call an owl a fox, what is it?

    It’s an owl! It doesn’t matter what the hell you call it.

    If you call an employee an independent contractor, what are they?

    They’re an employee!

    If you take an owl, raise it like a fox, dress it up like a fox, have it drink fox-mommy milk, send it to fox high school and it goes on to intermarry with a fox, what is it?

    It’s still a owl!

    Most workers in adult industries are employees who are being called independent contractors. (This is done by the bosses so that they don’t have to pay what they owe). But it doesn’t matter what the bosses claim you are. If you are treated like employees, you ARE employees. If an animal looks and acts like an owl, it’s an owl,

    Whether it’s an owl or a fox isn’t up to the bosses, or the workers or this union. It is a government definition with a specific description. It is easier in some states than others to determine this (California seems the easiest right now), but an 'employee' is based on FACTS. It is not an opinion or a choice!

    But now that you are being classified as an employee you HAVE rights YOU DID NOT HAVE BEFORE!

    "Employement standards gives us the power to negotiate!"

    • Are you on a schedule or could you just come and go whenever you pleased?
    • Do you have to pay a daily house fee?
    • If you couldn’t pay the house fee or tip do they let it slide or do you owe when you start your next shift?
    • Approx. how many hours do you work a shift?  
    • How does the stage sets work? Are you on a strict rotation? Are their penalties for being late or missing your stage set?
    • Does the house take money out of your dances?
    • Is tipping optional or mandatory?
    • What are the reasons girls are fired? Are they legitimate reasons?
    • Are you fined for being late? Missing a shift? Or leaving early?
    • How many girls are you competing with during a shift?
    • How many bouncers and djs work there? Do you have to tip them all?
    • How are you treated by management and staff?
    • Are you working in a hostile environment?
    • Do you have to answer to the management on your shift on exactly how you do your job?
    • Do you have any strict rules on the way you preform your dances?
    • Do you have a private entrance?
    • Is there adequate space in the locker rooms? 
    • Do you have your own bathroom or do you have to use the public one?
    • Is there proper ventilation in the dressing room and the club?
    • What condition is the stage in? Are there any dangers near the stage? Is it always clean and safe to work on?
    • Do they have a strict time limit on how long you take a break or stay in the back?
    • Do they allow you to work at other clubs as well?
    • Do you have to sell so many drinks or you owe the club?
    • Do you feel save when you’re in the VIP room or preforming dances?
    • Does management ever tell you who to dance for?
    • Are you ever harassed by an owner or management for any reason?
    • Is there a house mom to make sure you have a daily meal?
    • Are you allowed to be on your phone during a shift?
    • Are you told what type of music you can dance to?
    • Are there restrictions on what you wear on stage and around the club?
    • Are you forced to work nude or to do things you are not comfortable with?
    • Are they now adding your tips to your paycheck that you have to now claim everything and have taxes out?
    • Are you only being paid now once a week or one every two weeks when you use to be paid nightly?
    • Would you be interested in health insurance?
    • Did you know as an employee you can file for unemployment benefits if you can not work? 
    • Did you know that as an employee not only you are putting moeny into your social security but your employer is now too?
    • Do you know that bosses are going to take full advantage of this status change to benefit them, not you?
    • Did you know that as an employee you HAVE rights and as self-employed you had none?

    We can help you, if you let us.

    JOIN WITH US NOW!   To fight for a better future!

    Adult Film Stars 

    • Stuck in a contract where you cannot work for anyone else, yet you’re not getting enough work?
    • Do you ever feel you have just been taken advantage of?
    • Have they made you do scenes changes at the last second without your consent?
    • Is the person you are working with tested properly where you feel safe?
    • Do you feel like you are paying way too much for your talent testing?
    • Do you have health insurance?
    • Is the set always clean?
    • Are you provided with clean unopened toys if the producer is requesting them?
    • Are there female products provided for you?
    • Is there always a clean place to shower after with clean unused towels?
    • Are you offered a meal if you are on set for more than six hours?
    • Are you getting over time if you are on set for more than eight hours?
    • Are you told what to bring to set and what to wear but you have to purchase them yourself?
    • Are you allowed to have a "no" list of people you do not to work with?
    • Do you charge more for some scenes then others?  Who sets these rates? You are the person you are working for?
    • If you feel uncomfortable with the person you're working with once you arrive on set, are you threatened or intimated if you speak up or leave?
    • Have you ever been made to do something out of your comfort zone?
    • Did you know as an employee you have more rights then you did before?
    • Are you offered a copy of the pictures they take of you while your on set?
    • Would making just one penny of every click of your name make a difference in your life?
    • Have you ever seen your self on HBO, Showtime or PLayboy and thought to your self why aren't I getting paid for that?

    We can help you, if you let us.

    JOIN WITH US NOW!   To fight for a better future!

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