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      Amicus Brief

      The IEAU has submitted an Amicus Brief to the California Supreme Court in support of Exotic Dancers. Posted below are the Statment of Interest (why we were both compelled and entitled to submit this breif) and then the brief itself.
      Download: Amicus Curiae FINAL.pdf


      Unfair labor practices by employer. It shall be an unfair labor practice for an employer. (1) To interfere with, restrain, or coerce employees in the exercise of the rights guaranteed in section 7 [section 157 of this title]; (2) To dominate or interfere with the formation or administration of any labor organization or contribute financial or other support to it:


      Employees shall have the right to self-organization, to form, join, or assist labor organizations, to bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing, and to engage in other concerted activities.




      THAT IS A $2,400 A YEAR SAVINGS!

      (Plus you get insurance too! What a bonus right!?!)


      Financial Attacks on Legal Adult Entertainer Workers Continue

      Adult entertainers who are impacted by these draconian measures must organize, stand up and demand that the attacks against them stop!



      Once again the FSC is not telling you the whole truth!


      Cam Girls, Getting scammed out of your money? Live web companies taking to high of a %?

      Companies are withholding your funds with no reason why, and no way to fight the issue.


      Dancers, have you worked an 8 hour shift and had to give all your money to the house, the bartender, the DJ, the house mom, and everyone else with their hand out?  Leaving you with barely enough money to pay the babysetter?

      These actions may be illegal, and we can help you earn more and take more home.


      Ever seen yourself on late night HBO or Showtime and think to yourself,

      "Humm, shouldn't I be getting paid for that?"

      Wouldn't it make a huge difference in your life if you got even one penny for every click you got on the internet?


      All Adult Entertainers! 

      Join with your brothers and sisters and be a part of changing history!

      JOIN NOW!

          Helping us = Helping you!  


      If you are no longer having to pay any stage fees or working fees of any kind  (expect tip out) +

      You are collecting a check weekly for the hours you work with your states min. wage.

      What do you think is a fair tipping standard or %?


      The Porn Industry Is Rethinking How It Works With HIV Positive Performers 

      Stormy Daniels vs. Lorena Gonzalez and California labor law 

      The truth about rights for strippers!

      Union members ONLY classified ads are one of the many things the I.E.A.U. offers. Do you have a skill or a trade that you would like to earn money with?
      Advantages of Labor Unions While some view labor unions as a negative, they actually can have several positive effects on the labor market in general.  They can help both employers and employees, if they are utilized correctly.
      Union members ONLY classified ads are one of the many things the I.E.A.U. offers. Do you have a skill or a trade that you would like to earn money with?
      Advantages of Labor Unions While some view labor unions as a negative, they actually can have several positive effects on the labor market in general.  They can help both employers and employees, if they are utilized correctly.

      Action Center
      4th Porn Star to Pass Away
      Olivia Nova Is the Fourth Porn Star to Die In Three Months. What's Going On In the Adult Industry?
      APAG & Rolling Stones!
      Rolling Stone Magazine quotes APAG officers on the Mental Health state in the Adult Film Industry.

      More Exotic Dancers are standing up fighting for rights in the work place. #METOO Help spread the power of uniting!
      APAGs Nikki Benz list
      Porn Actresses and Violations on set
      Slashed Wages, Retaliation
      Dancers Accuse Strip Clubs of Slashed Wages, Retaliation Posted Jan. 30, 2019, 8:14 AM Updated Jan. 30, 2019, 1:40 PM Clubs blamed new pay structure on dancers’ suits New California contractor test doesn’t require pay cut A class of California exotic dancers sued their club management claiming they were reclassified as employees and their pay was reduced in retaliation for taking part in a previous wage lawsuit.
      The proposed law SB233
      Sen. Wiener to introduce California bill protecting victimized sex workers.
      Labor law vs Stormy Daniels
      Stormy Daniels vs. Lorena Gonzalez and California labor law
      Organized Labor's Newest Heroes: Strippers
      Strippers won an unprecedented $13 million settlement in Federal court, the result of a class action suit to restore back wages and contest their status as independent contractors of the clubs.
      Instagram Policy Team Meets With APAG
      Representatives from the Adult Performers Actors Guild (APAG), a federally recognized union, met today with top-level Instagram Public Policy executives at Facebook headquarters
      It is Official - The only true Union for Adult Entertainers
      UNIONIZING OF THE ADULT ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY IS OFFICIAL U.S. Department of Labor Approved the industry’s union on December 15th, 2015. Los Angeles, California – May 7, 2016 – The I.E.A.U. (International Entertainment Adult Union) a Mother Union for the Adult Entertainment Industry has finally been formed, structured, and has received legal approval from the US Department of Labor; thus, it is now a legal entity able to represent its members.
      Fighting for your rights
      “we now find ourselves out of jobs, with no social security, no health insurance, and not realizing how quickly retirement would come”. Their issues range from health insurance plans to royalties
      Ethics, Porn, and Workers' Rights
      But pointing out that ethical issues do exist, and they're more complicated than you might originally suspect, is a start.
      Strippers Are Fighting
      Strippers Are Fighting a Quiet Revolution for Employment Rights
      Porn’s First Union President: Performers Should Be 21+ Only
      Adult entertainers don’t spend a lot of time thinking about 401(k) plans, social security, or life after porn—
      New Adult Industry Labor Union Addresses Its Critics
      The union was founded by industry veteran Phyllisha Anne, and approved by the U.S. Department of Labor in December of 2015. Its primary mission is to serve as a support organization for workers in all facets of the adult industry.
      Pornographic Performers May Be Employees,
      Pornographic Performers May Be Employees,
      Porn Stars of the World, Unite!
      Aiming to unite the estimated 10 million people who work within the adult entertainment industry worldwide, The International Entertainment Adult Union, or I.E.A.U., was formed in December 2015 and has been registered with the U.S. Department of Labor.
      Exotic dancers sue for rights
      Under 21 exotic dancers file a federal lawsuit, against the state of Louisiana, for rights to bear all.

      If you work inside the Adult Entertainment Industry in the United States

      Join the IEAU.


      You gain the support and protection of what is about to be one of the biggest unions of the 21st Century,

      with free legal advise and discounts of everything from help with your taxes to your sexy lingerie. 

      Membership also gives you access to voting rights and the right to run for union office during election.

      Your membership will also soon give you testing discounts and free school education courses.

      The International Entertainment Adult Union (IEAU)

      is a federally recognized labor union representing those in the adult entertainment industries where one must be over 18 to participate.

      While Ms. Daniels is paid to represent strip club owners, we are an entirely volunteer-run union that represents dancers.

      The International Entertainment Adult Union unequivocally supports the Dynamex decision, as ruled by the California Supreme Court, which made clear the difference between an independent contractor and an employee.

      We also support AB5 (California Assembly Bill) and related measures to codify this decision further into law. We go even further and hope that the rest of the country will follow California's pro-worker, pro-union lead.

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